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Grey Water Re-Use

So what is grey water? Is it safe? How can we re-use it?


Well firstly grey water is basically all the waste water from our domestic homes but excluding the toilet and kitchen water. Here's the first problem. How do you separate them? Well this will depend upon your existing plumbing that you have. If you live in a house where the under floor plumbing is accessible, the task is simple. With a few modifications to that plumbing the waste water can be collected and sent to the treatment system. When the house is a more common concrete slab foundation the plumbing will need to be inspected by a plumber or consultant who is trained in installing grey water systems. We may be able to assist you with that information.


SA Regulations

Sadly SA is slow to act in the re-use of grey water. In all other states except WA treated grey water can be re-used inside the house to flush toilets and for use in the laundry and washing machines (one of the major users of water in our normal household). In SA we can only use it for irrigation purposes, which is better than nothing. One could ask the question why bother treating it before putting it on the garden? The garden is a natural environment with loads of bugs and worms which great for the process of breaking down matter and waste for of the soil and plants to use. Grey water which has passed through a treatment system is clear, odorless and hygienically safe for many applications other than human consumption.


Treated Grey Water

What do we mean by treated grey water? There are commercially available grey water treatment systems that can be fitted to an existing home. It is much easier to fit them when you are building a new home or a substantial home extension though. One of the systems that we like is the "Nubian Water System". You can check them out at . There are other systems available and over time we may add them to our site as recommendations.


Septic Tanks

Another way of re-using your household water is to install a specially designed septic system that will treat the waste water. This is usually done when a new home is built and it will be a system that will treat all the water including the toilet and kitchen. Some of these systems that we can recommend are called 'Envirocycle', , 'Ri-Treat', and the 'Biolytix Water System' . I especially like the Biolytix system, a Queensland company that have made a septic tank that uses a natural process of worms that do the task of breaking down the nutrients in the water to be safe for reuse. Brilliant! Just like it is in nature. This system doesn't use the chemicals and power that the other systems require (although there is a small pump). They will send the system to SA and there are installers here to do the installation work


Well there are a few ways of re-using your waste water. If that sounds all too hard then there is always the length of black pipe that you can buy from the local hardware or bargain shop and hook it up to the washing machine and place out on the garden. Not only doe's it help the water shortage situation but you don't get such a large water bill – that's gotta' be good!


If you want to discuss your own grey water re-use situation please feel free to contact me on the contact page.



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