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Innovative Living is an experienced Quality Builder of New Homes and House Extensions based in the Adelaide Hills. Our passion is to build your Dream Home or House Renovation.

After 25 years in the building industry I have come to appreciate new and innovative building ideas and designs. It's so good to see people being creative with their building projects and thinking outside the square. I believe the most important part of a new home or extension is the client. The people who will live there. Is it really what they want, what meets their expectations and budget? To me the building process is forming a relationship with the client and working together to see their dream come true. It's an exciting industry to be in and I’m passionate about building.
I love my job.

Buying Land - Which way should it face?

Just a quick bit of advice for those buying a block of land to build a house on.


I find it amazing that Real Estate Agents will use any sort of spin to describe the land and make you feel good about buying it. How many of us have heard the saying ‘It’s a North facing block’.


Is that supposed to be good or something?? Well here’s the real story. We’ve all heard about the 6 star energy rating that all builders are supposed to constructing their houses to (I’m not sure that I have seen too many complying it though), well in our climate that will require a lot of glass facing the sun and minimal glass facing south.


So how do you do that with a North facing block having the front of the house (small windows) facing the road and the living areas (big opening glass doors going onto the pergola area) are facing South.


There you go – stay away from North facing blocks of land and buy preferably South facing. Who knows you may get it cheaper.


Happy building!





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